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9/16/15 06:55 pm - math_mommy - Cars and research careers

It is all simple with cars and customers.
Say a young woman went to buy a new car and made a deal with a salesman for  a sport car,  paid the required money.
Then when was the time to pick up her new vehicle she sees an ordinary used sedan. And the salesman tells her: “And then you can be my mistress!” Cheerfully smiling, like it is a bonus.  But she has expected a much better car and feels cheated. In addition the guy, married and elderly, does not look like his is in high demand even for free, let alone for a few thousand dollars which she is losing by accepting the used sedan. Realizing her lack of excitement he bitterly tells her that she is ungrateful and should not have come to him if she does not like him, and looks hurtfully, like he’s the one who is deceived. When she tries to complain to upper management, she is treated like her money does not mean much. She hears that the used sedan is good enough for her, and that the guy claimed her a liar.

In our day and age everybody understands that a female customer has every right to be resentful and sue if she did not get what was paid for.

While it is clear with cars and customers, for some reason it is not clear with girls and graduate schools. To get a Ph.D degree a graduate student must work for years, passing difficult exams and paying her tuition. And when a female graduate student believes that now she is on her home run to her degree and within a reach of her research career, suddenly all her work of many years and the paid tuition may go down the toilet.  Because a professor who promised his guidance to the female graduate student hits on her. What she had been seing as a guidance from her university, a service for which she paid with her tuition, for him was an opportunity of convenient and free dating. The situation for the student is lose-lose: if she rejects him, he will be displeased and can retaliate. If she does not and agrees for the forced upon her affair, her professional reputation is stained forever. Nobody will believe that her results are actually hers. And while it seems clear that there is nothing in it for her, you’ll be surprised how many professors do not understand that by pressing their students for sex they show themselves as not suitable for dating. Because a guy who abuses his power as a mentor presents himself as uncaring, hypocritical, manipulative and cheap. So the professors continue to do it. For me, such people are wish-to-be-rapists, because they use their power to get sex. I have no doubts that in case when physical force would be acceptable, like in a society where upper class men can have their ways with slave women, they would do it.



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6/20/13 06:14 pm - math_mommy - How would you qualify this?

Let us consider the following situation. A girl starts her graduate studies in some Department,   fresh and bright.  She was one of the brightest and smartest undergraduate students at the university from which she came and it turned out there that she has brains for science. She loves it and has decided to go for a graduate school, and was admitted.  So, she takes courses, passes quals and sees a professor, who is nice and approachable.  The guy is old and quirky, just like an old scientist should be.  She takes a course from him, he is tells stories and jokes, and talks about science beautifully. “This is it!” the girl decides, “this is the guy who can help me to enter the world of research!” She even talks with his student, who, by some reason, is not very enthusiastic about research. She got married recently, and now is concentrated on finding a job in the same place with her husband.  This is kind of strange, with such brilliant adviser.  But all people different, right? So, the new girl bravely starts to work! Somehow the first problem offered by her adviser seems to be too hard. He sighs and gives her another one.  She could scratch the surface here, but not much, not enough for a good thesis.  She watches other students go to conferences and asks her adviser about it. “It is because they have some research done and they are giving talks”, he replies. She feels ashamed. All people around her are advancing rapidly and successfully, and she is not. May be working in science was a mistake? She carefully discusses how people around her are working with the advisers.  Nobody tried a few problems before finding the one they are capable to solve! She is such a failure! She confesses her thoughts to her adviser. He looks sympathetically and says that she should not be upset, the life is not limited to science, and there are a lot of different and wonderful things in it. Her boyfriend is very supportive as well, and even proposes! So it is not the end of the world. She gets married and finds a job in the same town where her husband can work as well.

What the girl does not know is that her adviser could not bring her to frontier of science because he left it years ago. His publications are almost all collaboration with his students, sometimes from REI program.  He does not attend conferences himself.   But he does like to talk to female students and tell them stories, hopefully looking at their busts.  You understand:  if he would help a girl to become a researcher, and they would have a relationship, then he will be at risk. Most relationships do not work out, especially with a married guy. What if she would turn against him? If she fails her graduate school, he can always blame her for not working well and turning tricks. So her successful career is not in his interests. There was not sympathy in his eyes but excitement and expectation because he hoped that she would look for consolation in his arms. And, since he is still a specialist then he knows what problems are verified dead ends and had been abandoned by other researchers. So he can mislead her and crush her confidence.

Do you think that such story could happen in reality? If yes, what is your opinion?

6/8/10 08:17 pm - mpcentr

— Daily Mail — 04.06.10 18:38 —
Discrimination row after Russia 'bans' women from 18-month mock mission to Mars
A row has erupted after women were banned from a mock mission to Mars in which six people will be shut away in a space capsule for 18 months.

Russian scientists made clear they did not want 'sexual tension' to disrupt an experiment in human endurance, and instead selected an all-male crew.


5/19/10 11:23 pm - garagegang - Film Redgine Deforges

This story is about experimental meeting with a powerful french woman writer Regine Deforges who came to Kiev to talk on the issues of woman place in the society. Organized my French cultural Institute in Ukraine the meeting was held in a very magnetic soviet cafe in Kiev named Babilon.
International initiative Woman 3000 which have started in Ukraine does focus on the research in what way woman able to shape our future? As for beginning Woman 3000 project was reflected by the photographic art of the broaden picture of the woman from 17 countries, exhibitions in more than 20 alternative spaces of 5 cities, discussions and press-conferences with music concerts, poetry on the street festival and other art doings. Project provides a dialogue between generations and adds some new energy to the discussion concerning possibilities of women’s self-realization at the beginning of the 3rd millennium.

5/15/10 02:52 am - garagegang - Film Vlada Ralko.Coloursculptor

for Woman 3000 project

Vlada Ralko, ukrainian painter.
Video was made for a few minutes in her studio while she was working on a new series.

Music and text by Yonderboi.
Text translation by Olga Kravchenko
Directed by Sasha Shagi
по техническим причинам фильм не был презентован в Одессе на пресс-конференции проекта

7/17/08 06:22 pm - femimonkey - Online Passion Party Invite!

Hi. I'm posting an invite to my first online Passion Party. (Cut so as not to offend...Or something.) I'm not trying to spam.

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6/16/08 01:04 pm - heartrevolt

The Gender Public Advocacy Coalition is pleased to announce the release of its 2008 GENIUS Survey in partnership with Ernst & Young. GenderPAC works to ensure that classrooms, communities and workplaces are safe for everyone to learn, grow and succeed.

The Gender Equality National Index for Universities & Schools (GENIUS), GenderPAC’s most recent effort to end discrimination and promote awareness, encourages colleges and universities to recognize the benefits of a GenderSAFE campus - supportive equitable and protective for all students. Choosing to participate in GENUIS sends a strong public statement that bullying or discriminating based on the race, sex or gender of a student, faculty, or staff member is not tolerated at your institution

Fill out the survey at: www.gpac.org/GENIUS2008survey, and make sure that we have data for as many schools as possible. Your voice will help us continue to work towards a safe and welcoming environment for every student

3/25/08 06:51 pm - angelcarrot - CLPP Conference

*From Abortion Rights to Social Justice:
Building the Movement for Reproductive Freedom April 4-6, 2008*
*Hampshire** College***
*Amherst**, MA***

*/A project of the Civil Liberties and Public Policy Program/*

* Register online at http://clpp.hampshire.edu*

* Come to the FREE conference on April 4-6 2008 and be part of building
a unified movement for social justice!*

On April 4-6, 2008, campus and community activists will be gathering at
Hampshire College to unite for reproductive justice. We are expecting a
large turnout---last year there were over 1100 participants from the US
and abroad. We offer more than 40 workshops and trainings. Conference
speakers address reproductive freedom as it relates to a broad range of
social justice initiatives including economic justice, health care
reform, racial equality, freedom from violence, immigrant rights,
climate justice, and LGBTQ rights, just to name a few.

Over the weekend, you will deepen your understanding of issues you
already know about, make new connections, and unite with others who are
passionate about working for social justice.

For more information, check out our website at clpp.hampshire.edu or
contact us at (413) 559-6976 or clpp@hampshire.edu.

Cross-posted around pro-choice communities

3/18/08 05:57 pm - firepie - call for papers: Transgender Studies and Feminism: Theory, Politics, and Gendered Realities


Call For Papers:
For a Special Issue of Hypatia: A Journal of Feminist Philosophy
Transgender Studies and Feminism: Theory, Politics, and Gendered Realities
Edited by Talia Mae Bettcher and Ann Garry

The recent publication of The Transgender Studies Reader (ed. Susan Stryker and Stephen Whittle, New York: Routledge, 2006) marks a watershed in the development of trans studies. Arising in the early nineties in close relation to queer theory, trans studies is characterized by the coming-to-voice of trans people, long the theorized and researched objects of sexology, psychiatry, psychoanalysis, and even feminist theory.

Sandy Stone’s groundbreaking “The Empire Strikes Back: A Posttranssexual Manifesto” sought the end of monolithic accounts of trans people (authored by non-trans) to reveal a multiplicity of trans narratives told by trans people themselves. By recognizing trans people as flesh and blood human beings with particular access to experiences of “transness” and transphobic oppression, as its starting point, trans studies opens up a way of theorizing “transgender”--for trans and non-trans people alike--that ideally resists, rather than reinforces, mechanisms of transphobia. This raises important questions in feminist theory and politics. How can feminist theory best understand transphobia and trans resistance? Where do feminist and trans politics meet? Where are the overlaps and gaps, the points of connection and disconnection?

Hypatia invites submissions to a special issue on transgender studies and feminism, which recognizes the emergence of trans studies.

We welcome articles that investigate the relations between feminism and transgender studies. Articles exploring the intersections of multiple oppressions are especially welcome, as are submissions that come from subject-positions outside the United States (and North America more generally). We seek a collection of papers that is international in scope.

We also welcome articles that focus on issues specific to trans studies, trans politics, and trans people. This includes (but is hardly limited to) the following: medical regulations of trans bodies; transphobic violence; transphobia in housing, employment, education, medical treatment, and the like; sexual violence against trans people; critiques and concerns about various views within trans studies or politics, tensions between queer theory and trans studies.
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The deadline for submissions is 15 April, 2008. Papers should be submitted by electronic attachment in Word to Ann Garry at agarry@calstatela.edu. Submissions should follow Hypatia guidelines (see http://www.msu.edu/~hypatia/). Please address all correspondence, questions and suggestions to Ann Garry or Talia Bettcher at tbettch@calstatela.edu.

We look forward to hearing from you.
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