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Online Passion Party Invite!

Hi. I'm posting an invite to my first online Passion Party. (Cut so as not to offend...Or something.) I'm not trying to spam.

Hi everyone,
I hope your summer is off to a sizzlin' start. There's a lot going on
at Passion Parties!
Want to have a party but don't have the time? Want to attend a party but you
either don't want to host at home or don't know what it's all about?
Want to have a party but you're not in the DFW area? Well I am hosting my first online Passion Party! Enjoy the party from your own computer. The downside is that you won't get to taste, smell, or touch products, but if you like it, you can host a party if you're in the area. If you aren't, then I can find a Consultant
in your area to help you. I will have a drawing for a Mystery Hostess. This lucky
person will receive all of the hostess benefits as if she hosted the party in her
own home. She will receive any hostess gifts that are earned and any credits based
on orders. This includes an entry into the $1000 Visa card drawing that corporate
holds every month to use as you wish. If you win, I win! I will also have other
drawings for free products! And I don't just mean samples...There will be drawings
for both toys as well as products in the romanta-therapy line! Here are the details:
When: Sunday, July 20th at 3:00 PM central time. This way you don't have to sacrifice a Friday or Saturday night, but most Sunday obligations should be taken care of by mid-afternoon.
Where: We will use AIM's chat feature. (AOL Instant Messenger) Most people
have AIM, and if you don't, it's free and easy to install. Go to aim.com to get yours. My screenname is labradolphin so just email me with yours so that
you will be added. Please let me know if you're interested in coming or if
you have questions by emailing jamoran@earthlink.net. RSVP, and invite a friend! Must be present to win any drawings. Start creating your wishlist of products that you're interested in by visiting my web site.
If you know you'd like to host your own party, order products, or become a Consultant, then please visit my site and contact me!
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