Garage Gang Kollektiv (garagegang) wrote in feministthought,
Garage Gang Kollektiv

Film Redgine Deforges

This story is about experimental meeting with a powerful french woman writer Regine Deforges who came to Kiev to talk on the issues of woman place in the society. Organized my French cultural Institute in Ukraine the meeting was held in a very magnetic soviet cafe in Kiev named Babilon.
International initiative Woman 3000 which have started in Ukraine does focus on the research in what way woman able to shape our future? As for beginning Woman 3000 project was reflected by the photographic art of the broaden picture of the woman from 17 countries, exhibitions in more than 20 alternative spaces of 5 cities, discussions and press-conferences with music concerts, poetry on the street festival and other art doings. Project provides a dialogue between generations and adds some new energy to the discussion concerning possibilities of women’s self-realization at the beginning of the 3rd millennium.
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